Parish Magazine

There has been a Parish Magazine in Betchworth since 1892. Beautifully bound copies of all these magazines can be viewed in the Hamilton Room.


Parishioners and their helpers have always run the collatingof articles, editing and publishing the magazine on a voluntary basis. Printing has always been done by an outside firm.

Ros Rokison heads the Editorial Team who have the onerous task of collating, editing and sometimes retyping all the various articles.   The Publishing Team comprises: Alison Hedges, Tim Warren, John Scotcher and Ros Rokison and Bernard Hawkins acts as Secretary of the Management Team.   The advertising for both the Betchworth and Buckland Parish Magazines is dealt with by Karen Munroe, Bernard Hawkins and Jackie Ellison.

We are always delighted if anyone who has taken photographs of various village events would come forward and email them to The Editors at for possible inclusion in the magazine, as this highlights the relevant reports. Occasionally we issue a colour supplement of a particularly significant event such as the Induction of the new Rector or of the Alternative Christmas Tree Festival.

The magazine’s aim is to give information to and about the whole village. As well as Church matters we report on village activities such as the Parish Council, WI, the North Downs School and the Betchworth and Buckland Society. It also embraces any local news, events and activities that it is felt might be of interest to the readers. A contribution from you will be very welcome.

The magazine is delivered to every house in the village by a team of 32 people headed by Susie Redburn; the work they do is invaluable. Thank you all.

The magazine is running smoothly and well. A big thank you to all the many local people involved with the magazine, and if anyone is interested in joining the team we would be delighted to hear from you. We would be particularly interested to hear from anyone who would like to join the team of publishers. The more people involved in the production of the magazine the easier it is for everyone involved. Training will be given if anyone is interested in joining us. In fact if we have a few more volunteers, our hard working team might even be able to take the odd holiday now and then.

Should you wish to receive the Betchworth Parish Magazine regularly by post, please call Jane Forrester in the first instance.

During lockdown
while delivery is not possible
the magazine will appear here:

March 2021