BellsThe church has eight bells tuned to a scale of G major. The tenor (heaviest bell) weighs about 550 kg (11 cwt) – about average for a village church. The bells were cast in 1876 and 1897, but their history goes back to the 16th century when an audit found ‘iiij bells and one of theym is broken’.

Today’s bellringers try to ring for ½ hour before the main Sunday service, for weddings, and occasionally muffled for funerals. They keep up the tradition of ringing to mark local and national occasions such as village fêtes or the Queen’s Jubilee. They are in need of a few recruits, so you may often hear them ringing only six of the eight bells.

Bellringing is a social activity, as well as a service to the church. The ringers have an annual outing and an annual dinner. They are members of the Surrey Association of Church Bell Ringers, which organises training and other events.

The ringers meet for practice on Tuesday evenings from 20.00 to 21.30. Any ringer, or anyone who wants to find out about bellringing, is welcome. Bellringing is a pastime that combines physical activity with a bit of thought, but it’s not challenging: anyone can learn to be a bellringer provided they are over 12 years old and can climb the stairs to the ringing chamber. Do give it a try!

For more information on Bellringing or joining  the Betchworth Band of Ringers please contact our Tower Captain- Hugh Frayling 07519 595801

Bell Ringing Practice is on Tuesday nights at 8pm.

Southwark Cathedral Blessing of the Bells 2017

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